The Lullwater Review is currently reviewing submissions for our deluxe December 2016 Volume. Though we have taken a two year hiatus, with a shift in management and a completely new editorial team, we are excited to be back up and running.

In celebration of our revival, as well as our 25th edition, we will be publishing a supersized issue with extra content and select bonus features.

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We thank you for your patience as readers and writers as we revamp our site and build our new Volume.

We look forward to reading your work!

Spring 2014

Featuring poetry, prose, and art by:

  • Jim Daniels
  • Holly Day
  • Darren C. Demaree
  • Jack Donahue
  • Dolores Guglielmo
  • Guy J. Jackson
  • Martha Landy
  • Richard Luftig
  • Gary Lundy
  • Angie Macri
  • Christopher Mulrooney
  • Patricia Nelson
  • Amy Schulz
  • Michael Skau
  • Dan Sieg
  • Alison Carb Sussman
  • Linda Taylor
  • Gabe Unger
  • Marty Walsh
  • Lesa Williams
  • Jeffrey Zable


Fall 2012


  • Barry Benson, Epiphany of Melancholy Wanderers
  • Cathy Allman, Stepping into the Thaw, In their Other Home
  • Dorothy Stroud, Ghost Bike
  • Michael Passafume, What’s left of it, Runaway
  • Tagen T. Baker, Green Schwinns
  • Perio Longo, First Confession
  • Baxter W. Napier III, Ancestry.cav
  • Marc Berman, The Pilot is not Happy
  • Rebecca Macijeski, Fruit
  • Briana Rose, I Believe
  • Mark Wisniewski, Covered
  • Dustin Junkert, Banana Tree
  • Rachel Reischling, You Know Who


  • Dennis Vannatta, Mama’s Boy
  • Shirley Sullivan, Days of Snow and Sunlight
  • G. Martinez Cabrera, The Game Changer
  • Phyllis Carol Agins, Something New